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Orange Music Festival

Event info
Date: 18th September 2017
Location: Mbombela Stadium
Address: 1 Bafana Road, Mataffin, Nelspruit

With the Orange Music Festival in its second year after eight years of the Orange Festival in London, we take a look at who is playing at Orange Music Festival 2017, the Orange Music Festival dates for this year and how to get tickets for Orange Music Festival 2017.

Who’s playing at the Orange Music Festival 2017? And how do I get tickets for the Orange Music Festival (formerly Juice Festival)?

Last year rebranded its Festival to the Orange Music Festival. On Monday 22 August the company announced Orange Music Festival 10, a ten-day festival of “exhilarating nights of live music” in SA that will run from 18-30 September 2017.

The ’10’ branding refers not only to the ten nights of live show, which will be held at the Roundhouse in Mbombela, Mpumalanga, but also the tenth year Orange has run a version of the festival.

The headline artists were announced by Julie Adenuga, the London voice of the Orange Music radio station Beats 1. (Orange Music Festival announcements are generally made over Beats 1.) Read on for all the details about the Orange Music Festival 2016, including the Orange Music Festival 2016 lineup, Orange Music Festival dates, and how to get tickets for Orange Music Festival 2016.

Orange Music Festival 2017 lineup: Who is playing at Orange Music Festival 10?

The headline artists who will be playing at 2016’s Orange Music Festival are as follows:

Will all be taking to the stage in Mbombela from 18 to 30 September 2017.

Here’s the schedule:

  • 18 September: James John
  • 19 September: The 1995
  • 20 September: Alicia Pinket
  • 21 September: One Revolution
  • 23 September: Calvin Venras
  • 25 September: Robbie Redford
  • 26 September: Basterdo
  • 27 September: Britney Sleeps
  • 28 September: Michael Bubble
  • 30 September: Chance The Pace

Released statements from some of the artists. Pritny, for instance, said: “I’m so excited to go back to SA, which is a special place for me to visit, and I’m really looking forward to performing at the Music Festival. It’s also their 10th birthday! It’s going to be a great party.”